Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geeky moms class experience

My Geeky classmates are just that Moms gone Geek, there are no words to describe the fun we have while learning new social tools. We get homework but not like school work but like assignments. We are busy with a major project where we need to get votes for Table Mountain to become one of the seven wonders of the world. When we were given the one week off from class all the ladies related that they did not know what to do with themselves as this was not normal. We are excited as we will be going out of class and do what you call a social surgery where we interact with people and show them how to open email accounts and get them to vote as well. Looking really forward to that as i am getting involved in the church's blog and social media, lots of work but worth it in the end. Getting to meet loads of people and getting close with special friends like my classmates and facilitators at Rlabs. I believe each one of us have grown and think outside the box now, we have very creative ideas and are more open to suggestions.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Experiences: Worth The Wait

My Experiences: Worth The Wait: "I predicted at the end of last year that 2011 was going to be my year of good changes and boy did i think i was ready for it! I prayed and ..."

Worth The Wait

I predicted at the end of last year that 2011 was going to be my year of good changes and boy did i think i was ready for it! I prayed and was very specific what i wanted to change in my life and work, i was going through a tough time were i would cry every day and it was so bad that i asked my husband if i could not work and stayed at home.

God is an amazing person and knows our hearts and i was wondering why is he taking so long to answer my prayer but i knew it was all in his time and not mine. Not only did i get a job by chance as i just inquired about it out of curiosity and went for an interview. The job entailed everything i wanted to do and get and the first thing i said was "Thank You Lord" your time is perfect. I am getting to learn more which is becoming another passion in my life and that is Social Media, i am currently involved in the Geeky Mom class where we learn how to set up a blog from scratch. I love being involved in empowering women and seeing there faces when they have learn t something new. The Rlabs are doing an amazing job and are always there to hear of an idea out of the box. I am now excited what my new ventures are going to lead me and i will excel what i am going to be involved in.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Thoughts on the New Volvo V60

On first glance it looks like a real family car with the S60's beauty, this vehicle is for corporate moms that needs a luxury vehicle for work and the station wagon for the kids all in one!

This is no ordinary vehicle, it looks like the baby of the xc60, bigger than the v50 but smaller than the XC60. I found that alot of customers never liked Volvo's and were big on BMW, Audi and Mercedes until they drove in one and as Volvo SA says "Touch it, Live it, drive it". This vehicle is set up with all the Safety and innovative systems that Volvo is proud of, and for me as a mother safety if important with kids and i am so into Innovation right now. This vehicle does not only look out for your safety but also for the pedestrians, it has a Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake. So for those that don't under stand what i just said, this system detects pedestrians as you drive at speeds up to 35 km/h and if a potential hazard is detected, the brakes are automatically applied. What i pick up from this is the vehicles need to keep up to date with the world, new technology is coming out everyday and like our computers that is upgraded with a blink of an eye so must our vehicles be.

Now you can also monitor and control your car's security with a feature know as a Personal Car Communicator. It comes in 15 colours to choose from and a range of alloy wheel to match your vehicle of choice. Believe what you see and trust what you know!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zambia Boys on Holiday

Augustine,Luxon and Calvyn are boys who walked from Zambia to Cape Town at the age of fourteen. they are currently living at the Multi Recreational Centre in Salt River where we do ministry work every Wednesday.

December 2010 there were nine boys who still needed to be placed for the holidays and Chris and Ursula Boonzaaier family decided to take into there homes these three boys aged between 14 and 17 years old. They enjoyed Christmas lunch with them and going into the New Year as well as other outings like a trip to the Farmyard, Movies, Swimming and the games Arcade. They enjoyed having the boys for the holidays getting to know them and their cultures. Augustine loves to learn and always willing to teach the younger boys what he knows, he also loves writing songs. Augustine has a real passion for God and knows if God can take him out where he was he can do anything.

Luxon is a very quiet person and does not talk much but has a very gentle spirit, he longs to go back home to his family in Zambia. Calvyn is a scout leader in Zambia, very creative person and loves training with the weights. He loves his Zambia "pap" and is very talkative and has lots of questions about everything and misses his sister very much.

Chris and Ursula was really blessed having the boys by them for the holidays and trust that there will be other opportunities to do it again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Experiences: A Day Of Fun!

My Experiences: A Day Of Fun!: "We surprised some of the kids from Blikkies Dorp and the Multi Recreational Centre in Pickwick street Salt river after church on Sunday tel..."

A Day Of Fun!

We surprised some of the kids from Blikkies Dorp and the Multi Recreational Centre in Pickwick street Salt river after church on Sunday telling them we were taking them to the movies.

We spent the day having lunch first and then went off to see a movie, the children were very excited having to choose which movie that wanted to see. Having different age groups not all could watch th same movie so we split into two groups, Deon went with the younger ones to watch Megamind and Chris and Ursula went with the older group watched ' The Tourist'.

Our daughters bonded with the girls from Blikkies Dorp and it was nice to see how children can just be children and forget about everything else and enjoy themselves. We have been doing ministries for five years but it seems that God is really moving and touching the children as they are the ones that comes to church and don't want to miss a Sunday or an opportunity to come to the Impact Centre to learn more about the Holy Spirit!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Experiences: What Lies Ahead for 2011!

My Experiences: What Lies Ahead for 2011!: "Wow, what a year it has been, there were highs and there were low. It has been a tough year for me but at the end of it some exciting things..."

What Lies Ahead for 2011!

Wow, what a year it has been, there were highs and there were low. It has been a tough year for me but at the end of it some exciting things happened that changed my outlook on things.

I am excited for 2011 has to offer me, i know that God has heard my prayers and he will come through at the right time. The Rlabs new office space is quiet exciting knowing i will be apart of changing other women lives the way mine was changed through social networking. It is amazing the attention you get if they think you part of the Network medias because the other day i had my MXit t-shirt on and was by cellphone network and one of the workers asked me if i work for Mxit.. i had to laugh. Girls stop me and tell me they love my sweater, i felt so important :)

My philosophy for this year is to take every opportunity by the horns and give it the best that i have to offer. I am going to be learning about setting up my own Domain but still thinking of a name for it. I know it will be a name that will become very successful and who knows maybe my dream to travel the world will become a reality!