Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last Mom 3.0 Class For 2010!

As i entered the centre to come to my last class for Mom 3.0 for the year was i surprised to see a spread laid out for us. All the ladies did not arrive yet and we were told to go and check our mail and social networks while we wait.

Monique was not here as she was sick with a sore throat but she was missed very much, it will be sad not to get up on a Saturday morning and get ready to come to class. It was a treat for me as i enjoyed having me time away from home and the kids. I will have to do all my networking from my cellphone from now or wait till work where i can go on the laptop. The ladies in the class are like family to me, we have been together for the year and it does not feel so long. Oh well we are connected on Facebook, twitter etc.. and wont loose touch. We are already talking about coming next year and are like little kids when they going to the next Grade.

So this is not goodbye but us being set free to use the tools we are given and empower other people we know and meet. So thank you to the team at RLabs for equipping me with your knowledge and keep on doing what you love.

I will definitely see you next year and who know what lies ahead for each one of us because of this!

Friday, November 19, 2010


As I pulled up by my work you could feel the vibe that something is happening, part of the parking lot was closed especially for the VIP customers that was invited to the Launch of the New S60. Excitement was buzzing and like little children going camping they stand around talking and waiting in anticipation for what the day had to bring.

The the double Decker bus pulled up and everyone eyes was on the black and red huge thing pulling up by our Dealership. This bus was going to transport everyone to the Launch site and where the demonstration was going to take place. The inside was fitted out like a limousine, white leather seats and a flat screen TV. And then as we thought it could not get better they pull out the new S60 from the show room. As they paraded it pass the customer all heads turned and the saying that they use "Naughty" is exactly what they are.

The day was a complete success with happy customers and a fun morning. The Naughty Volvo's was showing off there stuff and was loving every bit of it. The safety was this vehicle was not forgotten as Volvo always have in mind when the manufacture a new product. How much more can we do to make sure our customers are safer on the road and still have a Glamorous vehicle. Well this vehicle does that all in one, as you drive this vehicle in the town area and something or someone will pop out of nowhere and hit you the vehicle is made to slow down or stop immediately and when all is clear you don't have to do anything as the car will start up again and start moving. Wow, it thinks for you and the people on the road. The look is dynamic and snazzy, all heads will be turning when you pull up with this vehicle.

We had a celebrity speaker that was one of the surprises that was seen on the day. Everything went off smoothly and my question to you is " Are You Naughty Enough To Take A Dare" Follow the convoy by clicking on this link

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Much I Am Loving Social Media

Where do i start, I found out about the classes through my mother in law that was more clued up than me and doing more on her phone than me. All i new was to answer the phone and dial out but then i decided to do the next class at the RLABS and was not disappointed, now i cannot stop exercising my talents that i was taught and the friends that i have gotten to know better is amazing.

There are people that i only see and don't speak to easily but on Face book and Twitter you are not shy and the next time you meet you chat more openly. It also keeps you up to date with what is happening around you like events happening. I can say i am addicted to social media because if i don't go on it everyday i feel loss. I also love twitter and love to re tweet important items that i want others to take note of..

I love blogging, it relaxes me allot and makes me feel good to share some information. I feel that the next year is going to bring alot of surprises and openings for me which i am looking forward to and welcoming with open arms. I though i was the only lady in MOM 3.0 that felt this way but apparently not, one of these days they will have to have a social media addiction classes for addicts!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

True Friend

I met my true friend in grade 1, she started in the middle of the year because she broke her leg and it was in a cast. She sat on a chair every linch time infront of the class.

Nobody wanted to bother with her because she was very overeweight and quiet but that did not bother me. I stood up for her and that is when it started that we would be bound forever. We wait for each other going to school and walking home. We loved fashion and she took up piano lessons and i stayed with her behind school so she could practice. We were inseprable and even when i got married there was nothing that could keep us apart.We spoke about how we going to begetting old together and she never did loose her weight no matter how hard she tried but i could not want her any other way. She was the kindest, caring person on earth and even got her drivers licence even though her father did not allow her to. If you have not noticed i am using the "was" because she passed away at the age of 29 from a heart attack and the sad part is that i spoke to her a few minutes before it happened. That was my ,True friend that i will not forget..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Story

I feel i need to tell you about where i was and what i have accomplished, i met my husband while still on school so that makes him my high school sweetheart. I fell pregnant while i was busy doing my matric and that time you have to get married, so we got married in the month July with me being seven months pregnant.

Not the ideal wedding a girl dreams of but i loved every bit on such sort notice, i had the dress the bridesmaid and my father giving me off. When my father found out he never spoke to me until my wedding day which i understood but i knew then that i was going to make something of myself. I never left school even though the shame of being pregnant i wanted to finish my matric. In September i gave birth to a baby girl and did not finish exams but my aggregate was high enough for me to pass.

I went back to school two week later to school to finish even though my breast was so full with milk that it was leaking through my school shirt by the time i got home. I passed matric and went to my matric ball and knew that i needed this not for myself anymore but for my daughter. I started my work career by filing at the BMW dealership and my aim was to perfect any job i was given. That is exactly what i did and took note of each and everyone job that if i think back it was by Gods grace that the person to cost job cards up did not come in and they wanted to know if anyone knew how to do his work.

This was the start of my career breakthrough, i costed job cards then worked my way up to become the Service Manager of a dealership, the only coloured and second women in the motor trade. I experienced also going to Egypt with my husband which was an experience i will never forget. I am a real testament for what you can do with your life when you had a teenage pregnancy, today i have three beautiful girls that i adore and cannot see my life without them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Mother finds out her son has Autism

What goes through a persons mind when the doctor says your child has Autism, you will wonder if it was something you ate while being pregnant or did i look after myself properly. That is what was going through my friend mind when it happened to her.

My friend gave up her job to take care of her son and understand to needs that he needed. She cried for days wondering why this has happened and just wanted to hold him and say it will be okay. Her husband was there for her and told her it will be okay, he was the only child at the time and the thought of having another child did not cross her mind for being afraid the same will occur. You had to do nothing out of the ordinary everyday and prepare him if you were going to the movies the Saturday. He did not get well on with other kids but they are very soft. I always say that only strong parents can handle these kids and my friend is definitly one of them. He is in a special school for Autistic kids and there are not alot around besides it being so expensive. Not teacher can come in and teach, you must have been in the field for these children to qualify.

My friend is working again and has a little girl that does not have Autism, i look at her when she speaks about her son when he just climbed a tree. We take these simple things that i children do for granted. When he exels in something then she is in tears and you cannot help to cry with her. These women are amazing in my eyes and i take my hat off for them!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Women go through: Until Tomorrow

What Women go through: Until Tomorrow: "Hi everyone, tomorrow i am going to blog about a special friend of mine, she has a son that has Autism, so what this space.."

Until Tomorrow

Hi everyone, tomorrow i am going to blog about a special friend of mine, she has a son that has Autism, so what this space..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH: When you have a sister on Drugs

WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH: When you have a sister on Drugs: "I am the second eldest of Five girls, we had no brothers but some of us were like Tomboys. My Second Youngest sister name is Janine and i r..."

When you have a sister on Drugs

I am the second eldest of Five girls, we had no brothers but some of us were like Tomboys. My Second Youngest sister name is Janine and i remember exactly when she started on this drug called Tik. I was at my softball presentation and she came also with then being only seventeen years old. When i decided it was getting late and wanted to go home she did not want to yet so i forced her home with me.

When we got home i was got in bed and i heard the front door open, by the time i got there my sister was running down the road back to the party. That is were it bagan when she go involved with the wrong friends. She only arrived back home the following day as if nothing is wrong. I could not say or do nothing as she would not listen to me, she is my sister and not my daughter. If i think back i wonder if only i had done this and that but would it have made a difference. My father lived in JHB and my mother was thinking she was just by friends and let her be more free than myself and my eldest sister.

Thing got worse over a period of time, shoolwork going down, not wanting to go to school. Did not come home for days on one and was by this house that looked bad that we pulled her out kicking and screaming. She stole from my mother and sister living at home at the time, broke windows to get in with her boyfriend to get money for Tik. She was arrested many times and was so use to it that she walks to the police van to take her away. The court sent my sister to DE NOVA rehab, she was getting better but something just happened and she was back to her old ways.

Seeing her like that was hurful and when we found out she was pregnant was a shock to my mother and us. My mother made a booking immediatly for her to have an abortion the Monday but when the day came Janine refused. There was nothing we could do but let her have the baby. Over the months that passed Janine change to the old self that we knew and loved. There was something about the baby growing inside of her that made her not want to take drugs.

she found out it was a boy and was very protected over him, the father nowhere to be found. She named him Storm, very appropiate knowing the battle he had to go through being here for once and being healthy. It did not last long before Janine was back to her old tricks and getting so bad she did not reconize her own son and wanted nothing to do with him. My eldest sister took him in as her own and he calls her mommy and her husband daddy. She stabbed my mother with a glass over her head, she has Jackyll and Hyde moments if things dont go her way or if she does not have food. She begs by the neighbours for food and money, she is now in Falkenberg in high intensive care.

She laughs for everything, when we visit she takes what you bring and wants to go to her room. This is a sad story of what Tik does to the brain, my sister life has hardly started but i am keeping faith that she will get through this!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH: What makes you Tik?

WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH: What makes you Tik?: "I am on the verge of looking for a different career path and with loving Social networking i am finding that all companies are moving in th..."

What makes you Tic?

I am on the verge of looking for a different career path and with loving Social networking i am finding that all companies are moving in that direction. I want to get involved in things that we as women think that is not for me because i a women, be different and take the leap.

I am stricting myself to eat properly so that my daughters know from a young age how to eat health. I am so excited to know i can do anything if i put my mind to it and got a group of wonderful friends that is always there to encourage me. I am starting another Blog soon as my new project and i am super excited about it. I feel so relaxed when i write but in this case type what is on my mind.

I listen to many women that moans and groans about everything, everyday and let a good day pass feeling sad. I say own up and shake loose what is bothering you and dont let time slip you by where you can love yourself and everyone around you. There is never a problem to big that cannot be put before the Lord that he cannot handle. Have faith and keep on going because we are WOMEN that god has formed, i cannot imagine my life without him.

Monday, November 1, 2010


WHAT WOMEN GO THROUGH: New beginings: "I chose my title because that is what i am starting afresh with, we as women must pull ourselves up if we feel down and say no more! I got a..."

New beginings

I chose my title because that is what i am starting afresh with, we as women must pull ourselves up if we feel down and say no more! I got a wonderful husband and i thank god for him for understanding when i feel down and try everything to help. I know god has made us strong women in Christ and i am not going to let anything pull me down. I am going to loose my weight, i am going to excell in my work place and i am not listening to any negative comments.

Being a women you need to be strong for your family and take control of any situation. We come home do not even put down your bags then in the kitchen you go. See to the kids that they are washed, fed and all homework done. By the time all the housework is done you get into a relaxing bath and not long you fall asleep. That is all part of motherhood, i think i will miss it when my kids are all grown up and you have nothing else to do. So let this be your New Beginning to life and the start of being just You!