Thursday, March 24, 2011

Worth The Wait

I predicted at the end of last year that 2011 was going to be my year of good changes and boy did i think i was ready for it! I prayed and was very specific what i wanted to change in my life and work, i was going through a tough time were i would cry every day and it was so bad that i asked my husband if i could not work and stayed at home.

God is an amazing person and knows our hearts and i was wondering why is he taking so long to answer my prayer but i knew it was all in his time and not mine. Not only did i get a job by chance as i just inquired about it out of curiosity and went for an interview. The job entailed everything i wanted to do and get and the first thing i said was "Thank You Lord" your time is perfect. I am getting to learn more which is becoming another passion in my life and that is Social Media, i am currently involved in the Geeky Mom class where we learn how to set up a blog from scratch. I love being involved in empowering women and seeing there faces when they have learn t something new. The Rlabs are doing an amazing job and are always there to hear of an idea out of the box. I am now excited what my new ventures are going to lead me and i will excel what i am going to be involved in.

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