Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 1

Good day everybody, so my day begins feeling guilty at what i ate the weekend.... my first goal that i am setting is 5kg, let start small women if we think big we fail quiker... My weekend was not good as i just want sweet things and take aways.... it seems i will never be below the 90's. Yes ladies that is my weight at the moment for everyone to see. No turning back now, so for breakfast i had a cup of tea and two slices of brown bread, now the water ahgggg. I know how all of us feel about that but it is the most important part of loosing weight believe it or not. So i am weighing in on Thursday to see the damages but until then lets see if we can make a shift in the form of our bodies.... we are having a meeting after work and i am not interested in what they eat, that is my challenge for today "TEMPTATION" the root of all evil... i will overcome it, stay tune and let me know how you are doing and drop motivations as i need it!!

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