Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DAY 18

I know it has been a while but i just felt so down since i weighed in last week and found out i picked up 0.4 kg. Not much but for me it was huge... it seems i just cannot get out of the 90's. Well i know we women go through these loops and i definetly wanted to give up but God has placed good women in my life to keep me motivated and ontop of that as if we women dont go through enough i found some hurtful things that was said against me... i am also going through some personal issues and feels like everything is closing up on me and you want to SCREAM!!!! and get away from everything at the same time where you dont know if you want to cry at everything!!! Well now you know why i have been away!!! BUT it is long weekend and everyone got permission to eat, be lazy and enjoy it!

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