Monday, November 1, 2010

New beginings

I chose my title because that is what i am starting afresh with, we as women must pull ourselves up if we feel down and say no more! I got a wonderful husband and i thank god for him for understanding when i feel down and try everything to help. I know god has made us strong women in Christ and i am not going to let anything pull me down. I am going to loose my weight, i am going to excell in my work place and i am not listening to any negative comments.

Being a women you need to be strong for your family and take control of any situation. We come home do not even put down your bags then in the kitchen you go. See to the kids that they are washed, fed and all homework done. By the time all the housework is done you get into a relaxing bath and not long you fall asleep. That is all part of motherhood, i think i will miss it when my kids are all grown up and you have nothing else to do. So let this be your New Beginning to life and the start of being just You!

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