Thursday, December 9, 2010

RLabs Graduation

What an awesome night it was, leaving work early so that i could get ready for my graduation from social media. I felt like a school girl again with butterflies in my stomach in anticipation as to what was to come.

When i rocked up at the event and saw the the Hotel was overlooking the sea, wow what a view! I was excited to see everyone dressed up and looking gorgeous for our graduation and just a reason for putting something nice on. The wind was blowing but that did not put us off and we enjoyed seeing each other and catching up. I started my day on a exciting note when i got a call to say i was a winner in a competition that i entered via Facebook so it was just a cherry on the top. If it were not for the Rlabs then i would not even be on Facebook and the other networks, i am so grateful for them for giving me the tools and equipping me with the Technology.

So now that i am equipped all i can say is watch this space!

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