Thursday, December 2, 2010

Test Driving The New S60 T6

So guess who got to test drive the New S60 T6, what a privilege it is for me to give my perspective from a women's point of view. The curves on this vehicle is so sexy and what girl is not looking for that, but make no mistake, one of the safety items is that it can stop itself at any speed - even at speeds as high as 200 km/h.

I felt so comfortable in the car, it feels like laying on your bed but just you sitting upright. Volvo had utilised new innovative technology , for example, the new function on this vehicle that monitors the car's behaviour with high precision to further enhance stability in sharp cornering and rapid lateral movements. That is just one of the many safe items on this vehicle, it is like the vehicle thinks for itself. And if you're in for more dynamics, just activate the DSTC Sport Mode in the on-board menu system. For the men this vehicle pushes 304 horsepower but i could not go so fast on our roads bus is 220 close, don't tell my work or husband. What can i say i like fast cars, this vehicle comes in petrol as well as diesel.

This vehicle reminds me of my cellphone that is my life as that keeps me equipped with social networks, now this vehicle has an on board technology that can be controlled by your steering wheel to personalise your settings. So as i am driving and i enter a road that has allot of pot holes and i hate that because me having a baby that is fast asleep and you hit that hole she wakes up and disturbs her sleep. Not with this car, it feels like you gliding over the road and not feeling any bumps or holes, can i please move into this vehicle!
Let me tell you more about the Technology of this vehicle, it has Radar-guided brakes that help you go faster. Is that a good thing, well in this case it is because it helps you maintain a comfortable speed and a safe distance from vehicles ahead. And that is at any speed - whether in heavy traffic queues or at open highway speeds. I have experienced that and it is awesome, this vehicle creates allot of Whiplash when other drivers hurt themselves to look at this Fantastic car.This vehicle car also peek around corners with the new front Park assist Camera this makes parking in tight spots easier for us women.
So now i look for any reason to take the S60 on the road for the pure enjoyment and luxury of it. This vehicle has a huge entertainment system in it but that is for another time!

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