Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last Mom 3.0 Class For 2010!

As i entered the centre to come to my last class for Mom 3.0 for the year was i surprised to see a spread laid out for us. All the ladies did not arrive yet and we were told to go and check our mail and social networks while we wait.

Monique was not here as she was sick with a sore throat but she was missed very much, it will be sad not to get up on a Saturday morning and get ready to come to class. It was a treat for me as i enjoyed having me time away from home and the kids. I will have to do all my networking from my cellphone from now or wait till work where i can go on the laptop. The ladies in the class are like family to me, we have been together for the year and it does not feel so long. Oh well we are connected on Facebook, twitter etc.. and wont loose touch. We are already talking about coming next year and are like little kids when they going to the next Grade.

So this is not goodbye but us being set free to use the tools we are given and empower other people we know and meet. So thank you to the team at RLabs for equipping me with your knowledge and keep on doing what you love.

I will definitely see you next year and who know what lies ahead for each one of us because of this!

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