Wednesday, November 17, 2010

True Friend

I met my true friend in grade 1, she started in the middle of the year because she broke her leg and it was in a cast. She sat on a chair every linch time infront of the class.

Nobody wanted to bother with her because she was very overeweight and quiet but that did not bother me. I stood up for her and that is when it started that we would be bound forever. We wait for each other going to school and walking home. We loved fashion and she took up piano lessons and i stayed with her behind school so she could practice. We were inseprable and even when i got married there was nothing that could keep us apart.We spoke about how we going to begetting old together and she never did loose her weight no matter how hard she tried but i could not want her any other way. She was the kindest, caring person on earth and even got her drivers licence even though her father did not allow her to. If you have not noticed i am using the "was" because she passed away at the age of 29 from a heart attack and the sad part is that i spoke to her a few minutes before it happened. That was my ,True friend that i will not forget..

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