Friday, November 19, 2010


As I pulled up by my work you could feel the vibe that something is happening, part of the parking lot was closed especially for the VIP customers that was invited to the Launch of the New S60. Excitement was buzzing and like little children going camping they stand around talking and waiting in anticipation for what the day had to bring.

The the double Decker bus pulled up and everyone eyes was on the black and red huge thing pulling up by our Dealership. This bus was going to transport everyone to the Launch site and where the demonstration was going to take place. The inside was fitted out like a limousine, white leather seats and a flat screen TV. And then as we thought it could not get better they pull out the new S60 from the show room. As they paraded it pass the customer all heads turned and the saying that they use "Naughty" is exactly what they are.

The day was a complete success with happy customers and a fun morning. The Naughty Volvo's was showing off there stuff and was loving every bit of it. The safety was this vehicle was not forgotten as Volvo always have in mind when the manufacture a new product. How much more can we do to make sure our customers are safer on the road and still have a Glamorous vehicle. Well this vehicle does that all in one, as you drive this vehicle in the town area and something or someone will pop out of nowhere and hit you the vehicle is made to slow down or stop immediately and when all is clear you don't have to do anything as the car will start up again and start moving. Wow, it thinks for you and the people on the road. The look is dynamic and snazzy, all heads will be turning when you pull up with this vehicle.

We had a celebrity speaker that was one of the surprises that was seen on the day. Everything went off smoothly and my question to you is " Are You Naughty Enough To Take A Dare" Follow the convoy by clicking on this link

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