Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When you have a sister on Drugs

I am the second eldest of Five girls, we had no brothers but some of us were like Tomboys. My Second Youngest sister name is Janine and i remember exactly when she started on this drug called Tik. I was at my softball presentation and she came also with then being only seventeen years old. When i decided it was getting late and wanted to go home she did not want to yet so i forced her home with me.

When we got home i was got in bed and i heard the front door open, by the time i got there my sister was running down the road back to the party. That is were it bagan when she go involved with the wrong friends. She only arrived back home the following day as if nothing is wrong. I could not say or do nothing as she would not listen to me, she is my sister and not my daughter. If i think back i wonder if only i had done this and that but would it have made a difference. My father lived in JHB and my mother was thinking she was just by friends and let her be more free than myself and my eldest sister.

Thing got worse over a period of time, shoolwork going down, not wanting to go to school. Did not come home for days on one and was by this house that looked bad that we pulled her out kicking and screaming. She stole from my mother and sister living at home at the time, broke windows to get in with her boyfriend to get money for Tik. She was arrested many times and was so use to it that she walks to the police van to take her away. The court sent my sister to DE NOVA rehab, she was getting better but something just happened and she was back to her old ways.

Seeing her like that was hurful and when we found out she was pregnant was a shock to my mother and us. My mother made a booking immediatly for her to have an abortion the Monday but when the day came Janine refused. There was nothing we could do but let her have the baby. Over the months that passed Janine change to the old self that we knew and loved. There was something about the baby growing inside of her that made her not want to take drugs.

she found out it was a boy and was very protected over him, the father nowhere to be found. She named him Storm, very appropiate knowing the battle he had to go through being here for once and being healthy. It did not last long before Janine was back to her old tricks and getting so bad she did not reconize her own son and wanted nothing to do with him. My eldest sister took him in as her own and he calls her mommy and her husband daddy. She stabbed my mother with a glass over her head, she has Jackyll and Hyde moments if things dont go her way or if she does not have food. She begs by the neighbours for food and money, she is now in Falkenberg in high intensive care.

She laughs for everything, when we visit she takes what you bring and wants to go to her room. This is a sad story of what Tik does to the brain, my sister life has hardly started but i am keeping faith that she will get through this!

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