Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Story

I feel i need to tell you about where i was and what i have accomplished, i met my husband while still on school so that makes him my high school sweetheart. I fell pregnant while i was busy doing my matric and that time you have to get married, so we got married in the month July with me being seven months pregnant.

Not the ideal wedding a girl dreams of but i loved every bit on such sort notice, i had the dress the bridesmaid and my father giving me off. When my father found out he never spoke to me until my wedding day which i understood but i knew then that i was going to make something of myself. I never left school even though the shame of being pregnant i wanted to finish my matric. In September i gave birth to a baby girl and did not finish exams but my aggregate was high enough for me to pass.

I went back to school two week later to school to finish even though my breast was so full with milk that it was leaking through my school shirt by the time i got home. I passed matric and went to my matric ball and knew that i needed this not for myself anymore but for my daughter. I started my work career by filing at the BMW dealership and my aim was to perfect any job i was given. That is exactly what i did and took note of each and everyone job that if i think back it was by Gods grace that the person to cost job cards up did not come in and they wanted to know if anyone knew how to do his work.

This was the start of my career breakthrough, i costed job cards then worked my way up to become the Service Manager of a dealership, the only coloured and second women in the motor trade. I experienced also going to Egypt with my husband which was an experience i will never forget. I am a real testament for what you can do with your life when you had a teenage pregnancy, today i have three beautiful girls that i adore and cannot see my life without them.

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