Friday, November 5, 2010

A Mother finds out her son has Autism

What goes through a persons mind when the doctor says your child has Autism, you will wonder if it was something you ate while being pregnant or did i look after myself properly. That is what was going through my friend mind when it happened to her.

My friend gave up her job to take care of her son and understand to needs that he needed. She cried for days wondering why this has happened and just wanted to hold him and say it will be okay. Her husband was there for her and told her it will be okay, he was the only child at the time and the thought of having another child did not cross her mind for being afraid the same will occur. You had to do nothing out of the ordinary everyday and prepare him if you were going to the movies the Saturday. He did not get well on with other kids but they are very soft. I always say that only strong parents can handle these kids and my friend is definitly one of them. He is in a special school for Autistic kids and there are not alot around besides it being so expensive. Not teacher can come in and teach, you must have been in the field for these children to qualify.

My friend is working again and has a little girl that does not have Autism, i look at her when she speaks about her son when he just climbed a tree. We take these simple things that i children do for granted. When he exels in something then she is in tears and you cannot help to cry with her. These women are amazing in my eyes and i take my hat off for them!

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