Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What makes you Tic?

I am on the verge of looking for a different career path and with loving Social networking i am finding that all companies are moving in that direction. I want to get involved in things that we as women think that is not for me because i a women, be different and take the leap.

I am stricting myself to eat properly so that my daughters know from a young age how to eat health. I am so excited to know i can do anything if i put my mind to it and got a group of wonderful friends that is always there to encourage me. I am starting another Blog soon as my new project and i am super excited about it. I feel so relaxed when i write but in this case type what is on my mind.

I listen to many women that moans and groans about everything, everyday and let a good day pass feeling sad. I say own up and shake loose what is bothering you and dont let time slip you by where you can love yourself and everyone around you. There is never a problem to big that cannot be put before the Lord that he cannot handle. Have faith and keep on going because we are WOMEN that god has formed, i cannot imagine my life without him.

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