Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Much I Am Loving Social Media

Where do i start, I found out about the classes through my mother in law that was more clued up than me and doing more on her phone than me. All i new was to answer the phone and dial out but then i decided to do the next class at the RLABS and was not disappointed, now i cannot stop exercising my talents that i was taught and the friends that i have gotten to know better is amazing.

There are people that i only see and don't speak to easily but on Face book and Twitter you are not shy and the next time you meet you chat more openly. It also keeps you up to date with what is happening around you like events happening. I can say i am addicted to social media because if i don't go on it everyday i feel loss. I also love twitter and love to re tweet important items that i want others to take note of..

I love blogging, it relaxes me allot and makes me feel good to share some information. I feel that the next year is going to bring alot of surprises and openings for me which i am looking forward to and welcoming with open arms. I though i was the only lady in MOM 3.0 that felt this way but apparently not, one of these days they will have to have a social media addiction classes for addicts!!!!

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